Filter cartridge | visiting factory | Sourcing Vietnam

Filter Cartridge

Galvainized mesh inner and outer guard

- Efficiency: 99.99% on 0.5 micron and larger particles by weight

Filter cartridge | Sourcing Vietnam

Gasket: Pour-in-place one piece gasket - Pans: Galvanized steel, top and bottom; filter sealant: solid polyurethane top and bottom - Max tem: 160 degree F (71 degree) Operating 180 degree (82c) Surge - MERV 11 Proprietary blend of 85% cellulosic fibers and 15% polyester fibers with a moisture resistant silicone treatment for optimum dust release characteristics yielding long service life at higt filtration efficiencies

Filter cartridge | Sourcing Vietnam

Color: Green or White

- Two types: - Open one end and open two ends

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