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Sourcing and RFQ/RFP | Sourcing Vietnam

With the fast rise of cost in China; the prospect to benefit from duty reductions thanks to the agreements between Vietnam/USA (TPP), UN/UK Vietnam/EU (FTA) and ASEAN; a fast groving economy supported by international investments and local goverments, Vietnam are places to develop your business today.

Or you are looking for alternative/urgent goods/products or you want to have better suppliers with better price along with excellent service or just simple compare the price with your current suppliers?

Sourcing Vietnam has a strong network in Vietnam since we are Vietnamese to understand and easy to find factories around Vietnam. Factories producing shoes, backpack, furniture, home decor, tool, metal, plastic, ceramic and more

We are constantly at the lookout for new opportunites in the region and expanding our network and database of manufacturers.

We will introduce you to ideal suppilers to increase your opportunities and potential in Vietnam

We are able to liaise with the suppliers to explain your requirements and requesting information on pricing, lead time and payment terms in order to help you solve your problems. We gather all information detail as much as possible to provide the best quotation/proposal. You will easier make decision on buying or selling with detail information and internal report review.

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