Water Hyacinth baskets

Sources in Vietnam

Laser cut wooden | Sourcing Vietnam | SourcingVN

Laser cut wooden

We customize artworks, plywood, wooden, thickness, v.v for your requested

  • Retail Packaging | Sourcing Vietnam | SourcingVN

    Retail packaging

    We can customize, resize, color units fiting dieline, v.v for your requested.

  • Laser cut wooden | Sourcing Vietnam | SourcingVN

    Laser cut wooden

    We can customize, cut samples with various wooden for your requested.

  • RPET, Shopping bags

    We can customize sizes, materials, color units, quotation, v.v for your requested.


sustainable environmental

Sustainable environmental in Futute

Friendly environmental | Sourcing Vietnam | SourcingVN

Friendly environmental

Our goals are sustainable environmental in Futute.

100% Recyclable & return the earth

We will look for materials such as: Post-consumer, recyclable, biodegredeable, non-toxic, formaldehyde free, eco-friendly

Sustainable retail packaging

Sustainable retail packaging for sustainable environmental. One of the most sustainable supply chains & packaging industry in the industry

Your brand go sustainable

The packaging materials can help you lower the carbon footprint of your brand immediately and move towards a circular economy. These easy ways can help you transform your brand.